Ben Leake talks about latest single ‘Chasers’!

Los Angeles-based recording artist Ben Leake has released ‘Chasers’ from his debut EP ‘Sunburn’ (out since July 6th). ‘Chasers’ is the second single from ‘Sunburn’, following the April release of ‘Let You Go’.

Ben Leake

About the song:
Ultimately, it’s a song about your best friends. The lyrics have a string of some of my favorite memories, but then a feeling of uncertainty about whether or not you’ll see your friends again when you all part ways and move on to another chapter in your life. I think it’s something we encounter a lot – the temptation to live in the past and try to recapture memories instead of appreciating them. The song balances that doubt with knowing you have so much ahead of you, and you don’t lose your friends or devalue those memories by moving forward.

‘Sunburn’ is Ben Leake’s first EP, the product of a love for music that began when he first picked up a guitar at age 10. The five songs blend elements of arena-ready alternative, stripped down garage rock, pop-punk, and sunny surf rock melodies that provide a distinct, bright sound. The EP (also featuring fellow Los Angeles recording artist CARR) is a compelling summer release from the new artist.

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