The Brie Face – “First Serving” (Album review)

The Montreal-based The Brie Face states that they seek to make “music that is reeking of good vibes and solid rhythms, a music that is aggressive, smart and funny.”

The Brie Face

Consisting of Mike Nastas on bass, Rev on guitars and vocals, Anthony Farina on drums, and Ariel Bouchard on lead guitar; The Brie Face has released a full LP entitled First Serving.

First Serving is a record that does its best to live up to the mission of making music that is equally fun and aggressive. The instrumentals are traditional pop-punk with loud drums, catchy guitar riffs, and thumping bass lines.

Additionally the songs are, as most pop-punk tracks are, about relationships and life in general. The vocals, both lead and backing, are well-balanced in the mix and deliver on the songs in melody and harmony that one would expect from a good pop-punk band.

As you can tell, The Brie Face does everything right on their record in establishing themselves as a solid pop-punk band. One issue that came up, and this is really up to personal taste, is that there isn’t much on the record that jumps out as unique.

The songs are good, as are the instrumental lines, and ultimately the record is a fun listen. I couldn’t, however, help but feel like I’ve heard all of this before. Pop-punk is a genre that has become really stagnant, and it’d be nice to see bands taking more creative risks in the field.

Make no mistake, if you purchase First Serving you will be in for a good time. I cannot recommend against getting the album and ultimately it would be money well spent if you did.

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