Psykokondriak: Their tribute to Run DMC with new single!

Psykokondriak is a six-piece rock ‘n roll, hip-hop band, offering a fusion of irresistible grooves, sing-along gimmicks, killer scratches and devastating flows.


The band has recently premiered, on AlternativNews, their music video for “Kings of Rock”. This track is indeed a tribute to Run DMC, and you guys can watch the video below!

On this song, the band reveals:

This is a tribute to Run DMC. We tried to create a beat close to their always-fresh-never-outdated rap/rock style, an kicked it hard. It focuses on the beginning of this line-up era of the band, with funny short stories about everyone. This song carries the second video, a really fun and exciting plan sequence made in a DIY spirit we’re really proud of.

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