FELICITY sign with Penultimate Records!

Penultimate Records are excited to announce the signing of Florida based 5-piece FELICITY, with the release of their new EP recorded by legendary producer Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Neck Deep…) scheduled later this year.


It actually took me a few days to write this article (I’m late, as usual!) but I’m really proud of these guys. They’re not only talented, but also really nice. I knew that they were going to go far as soon as I heard their music, so this is totally deserved!

Listen now to the band’s newest single below. On this single, the band explains:

Weekend Worrier is about the sense of dread you feel every Sunday night or Monday morning. It’s about hating your job. It’s about hating how you must put your time and effort to survive instead of chasing your hopes and aspirations. We all have worked so many dead-end jobs to get by, we hope it inspires people to never give up the on their dreams”.

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