Breaky Boxes unveil debut EP « From the Shelter »!

Never heard of these guys? Well, Breaky Boxes is an Indie folk band hailing from Rouen, France.

Breaky Boxes
Picture by LEFORT Edouard

Drawing inspiration from American and Irish folk culture, the band has recently dropped their first EP « From the Shelter » on March 28th 2018. The latter is indeed available to stream on various platforms such as : SpotifyBandcampYouTubeItunes and Deezer.

On the EP « From the Shelter », the band reveals:

« This EP draws its inspiration from American and Irish folk culture. We favored the use of typical instruments of the genre, such as the banjo, the harmonica and an acoustic guitar. All, by adding a touch of modernity with a keyboard and a synth, then in the melodies voice, pretty pop.

The whole EP was recorded by ourselves, in our studio, at home.

This EP is the result of a shift made by the band in the style of our music. We wanted to devote ourselves to a music that was more “optimistic” and aimed at making people live something. A music that touches and provides more feelings, joy, as melancholy. »

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