The Split Seconds release sophomore album!

DC-based classic-punk band, The Split Seconds, have released their sophomore album, “Counterfeit Reality”, on June 8.

The Split Seconds

The album serves as commentary on a culture in chaos. It documents their experience as a punk band in the ultimate government town. Fed up with the insulation, excess, abstractions, and lies, “Counterfeit Reality” pushes back against the DC consensus with a smile and a sneer.

The Split Seconds rose out of the ashes of Dischord Records band The Coastals. Drew Champion (vocals / guitar) recruited Sean Peterson on drums, Alex Massi on guitar, and Stephen Parson on bass guitar, and the foursome starting playing making their name in DC-area punk rock clubs.

A spot on Upstart Fest brought The Split Seconds to the attention of Altercation Records owner Travis Myers. The Split Seconds’ debut album Center of Attention was released in June of 2017, followed by appearances at SXSW, The 930 Club, and The Fest, as well as local dates at historic DC venues, and regional touring where they showcased their “top-notch punk rock” (The Deli Magazine) and garnered airplay on WMUC Radio.

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