Punk rockers Crushed Veneer reveal debut EP!

Formed in an East London practice room in early 2017, Crushed Veneer deliver a high energy blend of punk rock.

Crushed Veneer

Crushed Veneer are Kieran McGrady (Vocals & Lead Guitar), Aaron Simmons (Rhythm Guitar), Al Briggs (Bass), and Bobby Khoda (Drums).

The band has released, on May 4th 2018, their 4-track debut EP titled ‘Desire and the Need to Live’. Featuring the two previously released singles ‘Wild Nights’ and ‘Kind of Blue’, the EP is completed by the tracks ‘Sew Me Up’ and EP title track ‘Desire and the Need to Live’.

On this release, the band comments:

Lyrically the EP tackles familiar themes of love, heartbreak, and the up’s and down’s of life. It’s not all doom and gloom however. “Sew Me Up” features the most positive lyrics on the EP while each verse in the title track takes turns exploring both positive and negative relationships before ending on a rousing chorus of “Raise a glass, we’re still alive!”.’

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