Indifferent Engine unveil EP “Proxima”!

Indifferent Engine is a progressive punk-metal artist based out of Cambridge, UK. Today, we’re highlighting the band’s latest EP, titled “Proxima”.

Indifferent Engine

On this EP, the band explains:
The EP was recorded almost entirely in my back bedroom on a shoestring budget – almost everything is done “in the box”. Tom’s vocals and some of my vocals were recorded on a laptop at Tom’s house – his room happens to sound nicer than mine by pure chance! All funds for production went into the mix and master, this is the first time I’ve had other engineers involved in that process.

I had previously used budgets to hire musicians – and I feel taking on all performance roles myself and using the budget for mix and master helped give a more polished sound this time around. Sam Koop and Ermin Hamidovic both did a great job in working with the dodgy home recorded material I provided them with and I’m overall very pleased with the production on this EP.

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