Ill Fate – ‘Times Got Tough’ (EP review)

The Cardiff-based punk group Ill Fate has a sound that is familiar to any punk band, but interesting enough to keep your interest.

Ill Fate

On their EP Times Got Tough, you have catchy pop-punk melodies juxtaposed with a harder edge in the vocals (think Bad Religion). The instrumentals are fantastic, especially the drums which really pop in the mix, not to mention the crunchy guitar riffs.

The songs on the album are pretty standard fare for punk. You hear musings about relationships of all kinds and the passing of time that affects us all, also some social commentary (which is always welcome in these crazy times). The overall feel of the record is bittersweet, with vocal harmonies that really uplift you as a listener but with more somber and angry lyrics to match.

The record is like an amalgamation of a lot of great local bands I grew up listening to here in Southern California. You hear Pennywise, NOFX, Bad Religion, and other classic SoCal groups that punk musicians like me wanted to emulate as we learned to play our instruments.

This Welsh group has a tight, polished sound that should garner attention the more they play live and get radio spots. You can’t really go wrong with this record and I recommend checking it out.

This review was written by Derek Kortepeter from Amherst Drive.
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