Introducing the alternative punk rock band At The Ready!

Hi guys! I got the chance to sit down with the band At the Ready, to talk, among others, about their debut EP titled “General McMurphy’s Last Stand”. More info below!

At the Ready.jpgHello At The Ready, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for WHTYB Press. Could you please introduce yourselves, as well as your band to our readers? Hi! We’re At The Ready, a four-piece alt-rock band from Brooklyn, New York. We have Anthony Bonamassa on guitar, Joe Brunetti on drums, John Tucker on bass, and Melissa Licciardello on the sings and the strums.

For those who have never heard your songs before, how would you describe your sound overall? Overall, I think we’d describe our sound as eclectic. We stick to the broad term of alt-rock because we draw inspiration from all over the map from Sick of it All, to The Bouncing Souls, to Blink-182, and Green Day. This EP is a bit lighter, but you can especially hear these influences in our clean vocals, punchy drums, rhythmic bass lines and grungy guitar riffs.

You recently released your debut EP titled “General McMurphy’s Last Stand”. How was the writing process for this EP? The writing process for this EP was a combination of Anthony and Melissa bringing lyrics to each other, doing some editing, and then bringing them to the rest of the band to write the music for it and for Joe to bring some gnarly drum parts to the table. The title song was actually a different process where Anthony, Melissa, and Ryan (our bassist at the time) sat around outside and wrote everything for the song together. In a matter of an hour, “General McMurphy’s Last Stand” sounded just about the same way it currently does.

Which of the songs on this EP would you say best reflect the spirit of this record and why? So, this has been the toughest question so far. We all came up with different songs from the EP and really had to sit down and think about it. We really didn’t want to choose the title song, but it would probably be “General McMurphy’s Last Stand” since recording this EP was a battle within itself. We actually recorded it twice to have it sound exactly the way we wanted it to.

None of us had any intentions of releasing an EP that we didn’t believe in and, honestly, recording it the second time was one of the greatest experiences we’ve probably shared together as a band. There was a lot of bonding and sharing music with each other and our producer on this EP, The Jerry Farley. He really helped us sound exactly the way we wanted to and if it wasn’t for him, I’m not sure if we’d even be a band at this point because our first recording experience was a battle that we definitely lost. This EP is us rising from the ashes and finishing the war our way.

Are you happy with the feedback you received so far from both your fans and the media? So far, we’ve only heard positive feedback and we sold way more copies in the first day than we ever thought we would. The support was almost overwhelming and is extremely appreciated!

Last but not least. Can we expect any other projects from At The Ready for 2018? Absolutely. We never stopped writing, even while recording so we already have half of a full-length album ready to go! I wouldn’t say to expect that any time soon, but the release of this EP is only the beginning of our journey through 2018. We’re focusing on moving forward by completely filling our schedule with shows, merch, and sharing what we’ve worked on with whoever will listen.

Thanks for your time! Thanks for having us! You’re our first official interview as a band and we really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us.

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