Melbourne rockers Pacing The Cage share debut single “Thrill Pill”!

Blasting out of the speakers with herculean riffs and razor sharp vocal hooks, the debut single “Thrill Pill” by Pacing The Cage is like a case of hand grenades with their pins pulled out.

Pacing the Cage

Working away on a full-length record like mad scientists in a lab, Pacing The Cage have spent 12 months meticulously sculpting the finished product “Intox” so that no detail is left to chance.

A provocative tale to impeach the behaviour of men who treat women like they are objects of entitlement and consumption, “Thrill Pill” parades masculinity in all it’s shameful glory. With contemptuous lyrics, memorable melodies, bombastic riffs and sweet to chaotic dynamics, Pacing The Cage wraps up powerful lyrics in equally incendiary music.

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