Get to know the singer and songwriter Average Dez!

This week, I’m introducing you to the singer and songwriter Average Dez. Learn more about his latest release “Beautiful Life” below!

Hello Average Dez. Could you please present yourself, as well as your musical project to our readers? Hi WHTYB/Valentine, let me start by thanking you for the coverage on your site. I’m a twenty-something year old singer-songwriter based within Leeds UK under the moniker of Average Dez.

After submergence within a multitude of musical projects since I first strummed a guitar I’ve come to find sanctum within songwriting as a means of expressing my creative self.

Having full accountability and complete control of my art is incredibly important to me so a project based around independent action suits me well. I would like to motivate artists to join me in developing their craft and progression through a perspective of self-reliance rather than outward dependence of others.

Average Dez entwines my love for Punk-Rock DIY ethic and simplicity alongside the infectious nature of upbeat pop music, the project essentially being a homage to both freedom of creativity and those satisfying ear-worm melodies reminiscent of pop music of the 80s and today.

Beautiful Life is relatively minimalistic to ensure that my love from me to you isn’t lost in translation, a more interpersonal, humanised connection is made within the purity of the project, perhaps a distinct change from the technological and studio wizardry that currently holds presence in this generation of modernised, production-savvy music. 

You are based in Leeds, UK. How would you describe the music scene over there? I have always been vocal for how incredible Leeds is for us artists, be it for the creators or the spectators.

Whether it’s the abundance of opportunity for both the local underground and mainstream artists in the city, wealth of alternate music scenes, street performance, a broad depth of visual arts, entrepreneurial opportunity and beyond, Leeds holds an incredible influence within the UK and beyond –  present, past and future. The scene is certainly a pleasure!

You recently release your EP titled “Beautiful Life”. Could you please introduce this EP for those who haven’t heard it yet? Beautiful Life is my debut 4-track compilation. The release presents a complementary blend of upbeat, youthful song accompanied by a matured and tasteful guitar. Beautiful Life emphasises primarily on unforgettable hooks and harmony, the record is a presentation of pleasant easy-listening sensation.

Beautiful Life is a soundtrack for the hopeless romantics, the lovers, the pop fanatics and indie connoisseurs of the world. The lyrical topic of the songs within this record is relatable to essentially everyone and so will hold value for those who give it a play (or ten). Beautiful Life is for the people.

When you offer me your precious time and attention to listen to my music I would want it to please you emotionally and spiritually as my means of mutual thanks. This record (and ongoing project as a whole) is a positive stimulant for your mind rather than a classic dollop of burden and self-pity (which is too easy for us artistic people to produce !!).

Life can hold a lot of weight as it is so I’ve ensured to provide a surge of purely positive energy in this project, these are purely compositions of blissful innocence.

If you had to pick one song from this EP, which one would it be and why? I wouldn’t be able to choose just one song from Beautiful Life as each song holds a separate sentimental identity, although pertaining a standard of radiant youthful energy throughout.

I would refer to the publics opinion in decision of the answer but I have had preferences spanning a coverage of all four songs, I guess the beauty is in the eye of the beholder WHTYB. You’ll have to listen to the release to find your answer.

Last but not least, what else can we expect from you in 2018? In 2018 you can expect to see things continue to flourish, a consistent development is the aim of the game, Im treating every experience as a learning curve so you will no doubt see some interesting manoeuvres in store for the future.

To finalise, for yourself and the people taking the time to read this, without individuals like you, independent based artists like myself would hold no weight – so if you want to join in and find out what 2018 really holds for me, you can follow me on my social networks. You can also Listen to, and Purchase Average Dez – Beautiful Life and further releases on any major streaming platform such as Spotify and Apple Music.

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