Coach Hop unveil debut single “I Like Taylor Swift”!

Coach Hop release their debut single and Record Store Day exclusive “I Like Taylor Swift, the first release as part of London DIY label Scratchy Records’ Singles Club.

Coach Pop

I Like Taylor Swift is a sub-3 minute power pop rock’n’roll anthem channelling the licks of Fountains Of Wayne & Weezer telling of Coach Hop brainchild Charlie Laurence’s “fondness” for the Country Queen Pop Music Maven, Taylor Swift, using a tongue-in-cheek humour that’s more disarming than it is distracting.

On the surface I Like Taylor Swift is a love song to the titular pop star but upon closer inspection is an observation on the state of the modern music industry, “In the song I admit I haven’t really listened to much of her music but I’m inundated with images and stories about her” says Charlie. Throughout the song it verges on an admission that it’s not cool to like Taylor Swift but in his trademark style, Charlie doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, “I like Taylor Swift and I don’t care who knows it, it’s not a guilty pleasure, it’s just a normal pleasure.”

In his personal life Florida-born Charlie is an experienced Seaman, surviving a few shipwrecks and once crossed the Atlantic with 2 dogs and a cat for company. Charlie also moonlights as a speech therapist in training, working with mentally handicapped children and teenagers at a Children’s Therapy Centre in London.

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