Synth driven pop-punks The Rocket are about to drop a new album!

Synth driven pop punk outfit The Rocket aims to bring a refreshing take on the classics they all grew up with. We’re happy to announce that the band’s upcoming album ‘Another Reason Not To Fear The Sky’, will indeed be out on April 26th.

The Rocket

They also recently dropped two new songs. One titled ‘Lost At Sea’, along with an awesome music video, and another stream for a track titled ‘Die A Little’.

I knew that I was going to love this band from day one. They indeed offer a unique synth driven sound that I’m not used to. According to me, ‘Lost At Sea’ is one of the highlights on the band’s upcoming album. The chorus is absolutely catchy and without noticing, you’ll find yourself singing along within the first minute.

I also appreciate the fact that the music video was completely produced by Fred & Stijn. Even the toy rocket and cockpit were made by them! This is also another reason why you should check it out – they put a lot of time and energy into this music video, so I’m really impressed by their work!

On the other hand, ‘Die A Little’ offers another style, completely different from ‘Lost At Sea’. And this is great, because I truly think that each one of you will find a song you really love on this upcoming record.

Save the date! ‘Another Reason Not To Fear The Sky’, will indeed be out on April 26th. Pre-order now the album here, along with some amazing merch bundles!

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