Hometown Heroes unveil “Life Anthem” video!

The Italian pop-punkers Hometown Heroes are back with a music video for single “Life Anthem”. You can indeed watch this brand new video below!

Hometown Heroes

About this song, the band explains:
We chose this song as our first single, because we thought it represented the right link between our punk rock roots and the the personal sound we reached over the years. It is a song that lyrically refers to something that has all of us involved, and, we guess, a lot of other people have, that’s why the title life anthem.

Everyone can fit their personal experience in it, so it creates immediately a link between us and our listeners, saying a lot about us too. Or maybe someone can find his personal meaning in it, after all music is all about sensations, so we just hope that who listened to it liked it. And plus, it’s really the coolest song of the year.

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