Introducing the Italian melodic HC band The Destroying Laser!

It’s always a huge pleasure and honor to be able to help a band. Especially an Italian one, as I’m really attached to the music scene over there! I’m happy to introduce my readers to the melodic hardcore band The Destroying Laser. Check now the interview below!

The Destroying Laser

Hello The Destroying Laser, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for WHTYB Press. Could you please present your band to our readers? Hi dudes! We are The Destroying Laser, a four piece melodic HC band from Mantova City, active since October 2016. We consists of Thon (voice, bass), Kaioh (guitar, vocals), Elio (guitar, vocals) and Magno (drums).

For those who have never heard your songs before, how would you describe your sound overall? Well, it’s a mixture of energetic post punk rock, with a melodic HC attitude and derived from the emo scene from the 00’s.

You released back in November 2017 a music video for your single ‘Black Supernova’. How was the shooting experience? The shooting day was very nice, all together in the garage, like the real old bands that grew up from there.

This song is indeed taken from your latest EP ‘Weird Like You’. For those who haven’t heard it yet, how would you describe this EP and what kind of songs can we expect on it? Well, we are really proud of our work, we made it in our home studio. “Weird Like You” is a 5 songs EP where you can hear melodic riffs turn in harder ones, with common features like well-cared choirs. You can listen to it no matter what you are doing!

Which of the songs on this EP would you say best reflect the spirit of this record and why? This is a difficult question! Probably “Reptilians”, cause it includes something of all the sounds we are searching to create our own sound. The energy and the emotion. It sounds like a rainy day in summer.

Are you happy with the feedback you received so far from both your fans and the media? Yes, of course! In particular, we feel really happy during the shows. Our friend and fans participate and come to multiple shows, also going a long way.

Last but not least. Do you guys plan on releasing other music videos this year? Can we expect any other projects for 2018? Yes, we are releasing a streaming video from “Weird Like You” and after that, a new single from what will be the next album. Really excited about this new one! And, not least, we will do a little tour in Slovakia at the end of April 2018. After this tour, we will take time to write and ultimate all the new album tracks. We can’t wait for you all to listen it.

Thank you for your time Val, it’s always a pleasure to have a talk with you and your webzine. Thank you for your work, thank you for supporting the underground scene!

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