Canadian punks Never Betters unveil ‘Pictures’ video!

Never Betters is a punk band writing pop songs in London, Ontario, Canada.

Never Betters

The band features two lyricists, Davita Guslits and April Romano, who go on to perform as drummer and front woman after sifting through their well-used journals. Their poetic words and catchy melodies are complemented by bassist Dylan Sixx’s crunchy tone and guitarist Danny Kidd’s incendiary riffs.

Never Betters have dubbed themselves as post-pop-punk when prodded; while not totally satisfied by the description, it certainly reflects the bands’ ability to evade definition within the broad umbrellas of alternative and punk music. Watch now the band’s video for single ‘Pictures’ below!

The video for ‘Pictures’ portrays common narratives we go through in life. Heartbreak, finding autonomy, shitty relationships, and reckless choices come to mind. Often the nostalgia felt for these memories is influenced by movies, TV and music, rather than our own actual experience. Pictures allow us to have our own story, not someone else’s fiction.” – Just Krar, Director, “Pictures”

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