Enjoy KNIFEY’s video for single ‘Serf’!

Shot on the coldest day and on the windiest beach in Toronto, please enjoy the new KNIFEY video for ‘Serf’. A video that was filmed on either the most fun, most miserable or most embarrassing day of their collective lives.


About this video, the band explains:
“When coming up with a video concept for ‘Serf’ we wanted to create something that was fun and reminded us of those almost cheesy pop punk music videos of the late 90’s and early 2000’s that we all love. We met up with Shawn Kosmo, and started to flush out some ideas about escaping the 9 to 5 to some beach, but it all seemed a little mundane. So we added a few twists. It was cold… very cold. Well, really it was only negative 2 or 3, but a cold wind blew off the frigid waters that lapped at our feet.

The wind lashed at our faces, and our feet and hands grew cold and numb. But in our shared misery we found a new friendship, discovered a brotherly bond amongst ourselves, and were brought together in our efforts by our common adversary, winter. We hope our suffering brings you joy.”

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