Hardcore act Dead Like Juliet drops debut album “Stranger Shores”!

Italians upcoming hardcore act Dead Like Juliet recently dropped, on April 7th, their first full-length titled “Stranger Shores”. The new record is now available on all digital platforms and also physically on Bandcamp.

Dead Like Juliet

Stranger Shores” is a complete DIY-Release and contains 10 songs. The first 2 singles “Those Rivers” and “Unwated” had therefore been released as two music videos on Youtube. You can indeed watch the “Those Rivers” video below!

If I had to give my general point of view on this record, I’d say that I’m quite surprised, but in a good way! I usually listen to pop-punk tunes, so the melodies are catchy but there’s no screaming parts, or at least, not a lot. This hardcore band however has an amazing vibe and I didn’t even disliked the screaming parts (Cause I usually do, I’m not going to lie!). Everything, from the beginning of this album to the end, is really well done and well produced.

The instrumental parts of the songs are so catchy that your head will start moving to the beat of the tracks, without you even noticing! The gang vocals in songs such as “Those Rivers” and “Black Sea” are amazing and this is what makes these songs so great and very promising live. The band did really well with this record and I really can’t wait to see how they are going to evolve over the years!

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