Doc Rotten drop sophomore EP ‘Sick & Suffering’!

Doc Rotten have been together less than a year, but have already managed to bang out a string of dynamic tracks that walk a line of sweet and snarl.

Doc Rotten

Where their debut EP Fallout was a strait-laced punk record that had you grabbing the “Oh Shit Handle” of your 1989 Ford Fiesta, Sick & Suffering touches on some real life issues like drug addiction and realizing they’re sick people, not bad people.

The band hasn’t forgotten their booze-and-boots mission statement, though. There’s plenty of lyrics on the new record about today’s entitled generation and not letting negative experiences be an excuse to be a dick. Applying their blue collar mindset, they will be on the road for most of 2018, breaking only for the studio. The tour will be starting in the US in April, Japan in September, and Europe in October.

The “Noisy Joisey” band released their sophomore EP, Sick & Suffering, on March 29th. You can indeed stream it here. Enjoy!

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