Nights Like Thieves – “Light the Fuse and Run” (EP review)

Nights Like Thieves are back with a six song EP entitled “Light the Fuse and Run”. The latter is indeed available to stream below!

Nights Like Thieves

Through this EP, you undoubtedly dive into a world of both emo and pop-punk. Which is something I love! I grew up listening to this type of music and although the musical genres have evolved over the years, I can find myself, a little bit, in this EP.

If a song stands out from others, it is, from my point of view, the closing track “Come Back Home”. Not that the other songs on this EP are bad, absolutely not! They’re indeed reminiscent of the early 00’s, which is something nice to hear. Plus, they all offer some great riffs and catchy choruses. But the closing track has something more. It indeed offers some great pop-punk guitar riffs and everything, from the beginning of this song to the end, works perfectly!

Light the Fuse and Run” is an interesting release and I’m really glad the band asked me to review it. I can’t wait to see how this band is going to evolve over the years!

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