United Defiance – “Safe at home” (album review)

United Defiance formed in 2004 in the East Bay of Northern California. Back in January 2018, the band dropped an album titled “Safe at home” via Heliarc Records. Here’s what our reviewer Derek had to say about this release!

United Defiance

United Defiance hails from my home state of California in the East Bay. Their sound is reflective of the diverse punk bands that this state has produced over the decades. Their newest album Safe at Home showcases this as it manifests in high octane punk that doesn’t let up until the last note.

You hear elements of NOFX in the vocals and numerous hardcore and skate punk bands in the instrumentals. This all works as the contrast is a bit stark but inviting as the music is just plain fun to listen to. You hear social commentary and party music side by side, indicating that United Defiance is as multi-faceted as their influences.

Safe at Home is a record that has songs you likely need to hear live to truly get the full energy of, but for now a full listen through this record should suffice.

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