Dance! No Thanks (Pop-Punk) – “Bright Lights” (EP review)

Dance! No Thanks is a Pop-Punk band originally formed by guitarist / vocalist Luca Babbiotti and bassist Matteo Reverdito in Alba, Italy in 2010.

Dance! No thanks

Since March 2018, the band is back with a new EP titled “Bright Lights”, that also features a song with Bert from Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!. Derek (our reviewer) and myself wanted to review this EP and we both had two different opinions, which is always nice to see!

For me, personally, this EP is definitely the kind of music I love listening to all day long. The pop-punk riffs are not only really well done, but also really catchy. You’ll probably spend the whole time shaking your head to the beat of this EP. You’ve been warned!

Also, for those who were wondering, my favorite track on this EP is definitely “I’m Sorry”! I just loved this song from the beginning to the end. The chorus is indeed extremely catchy and the acoustic part, at the end of the song, just makes the vocal parts stand out. Well done, Dance! No Thanks!

For Derek, we can indeed hear Dance! No Thanks’ predecessors in each track on their newest EP. What results is a sound that is one part Blink-182, one part Yellowcard, and one part The Ataris. The sound is polished and pleasant to listen to, if at times rather rudimentary for the genre.

According to him, the songs as a whole for Dance! No Thanks’ latest album Bright Lights are pretty standard in terms of instrumental arrangements and lyrical content. At the same time, however, one thing sets it apart from the massively over-saturated pop-punk market. The biggest strength of Bright Lights lies in its songwriting, especially its chorus hooks. Every single song has instantly addictive hooks that get in your head and make the song easily memorable.

Like Derek inferred earlier, however, this output from Dance! No Thanks is pretty cut and dry pop-punk. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you should not expect any reinvention of the genre. This is totally fine as there is a great little collection of songs on this EP and fans of pop-punk will likely enjoy it.

It’s now your turn to make your own opinion! Stream now the band’s new EP on Spotify!

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