Pop-punks Carried Away drop single “Expectations”!

Carried Away is a female fronted pop punk band from Toronto, Canada that was formed in 2015 by a group of friends willing to pursue their passion in alternative music. It currently consists of Madison Crombie, Daniel Alexandrov, Oleksii Koval, and Justin Fabian.

Carried Away
Photo: Kishan Mistry Photography

Combining the catchy, upbeat sounds of early 2000s pop punk, mixed with the angrier, heavy emotions of modern day emo/ alternative, the band has created a unique sound that, although familiar and recognizable, is clearly and undoubtedly their own. Filled with raw intensity, edgy guitar riffs, thumping bass and drums, as well as catchy vocal hooks, it continues to deliver a powerful emotional impact to the audience.

Today, we’re highlighting the band’s single “Expectations, available since March 16th 2018!

Expectations is a song that came from anger but turned into a song about realization. I realized that when you have expectations in relationships, you kind of create this imaginative reality around a person when you don’t really know what their true intentions are.” reveals the band.

They also add: “The false reality makes you hope and believe in something that will never come. It is in communication when the tables turn and people can find a middle ground. All in the hope to get them talking, not only about the comfortable topics but the uncomfortable ones as well.

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