408 – Wasted (Single review)

408 is an Orlando based pop-punk band. Started by bassist/vocalist Mark Faroudi, 408 has evolved into one of Central Florida’s hottest up-and-coming groups. Faroudi is joined by bandmates Christian Perez at guitar and vocals, and Steven Parsons at lead guitar. 408 is putting a refreshing spin on the genre – adding elements of hip hop to the sound.


Today, I’m introducing you to the band’s single & music video “Wasted”, that you can indeed hear below! I love the fact that the song starts slowly, as it makes you appreciate even more the vocals. Everything in this song is amazing, from the instrumental parts to the vocals. This single is exactly the type of songs I love listening to all day long, without getting tired of it.

About this song, the band explains: “This song was meant to symbolize the pain someone goes through in a relationship, when they care so much about someone else that it hurts when they see their significant other become a different person while drinking.

The real thoughts of someone comes out when they are drinking. Mark was very upset over the feelings that it caused to see his ex change on him. However, this is all a learning process of life and relationships. It was an amazing experience to go through and write this song”.

The mix between pop-punk and hip-hop is very interesting. Even though I’m used to listening exclusively to pop-punk, this is a very beautiful discovery. The hip-hop part fits very well with this type of music. Well done, 408!

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