Sheffield’s Steal The City unveil “So, The Thing Is” single!

Sheffield melodic punks Steal The City burst into 2018 with their new single “So, The Thing Is” – recorded at Dalston’s Blue Studios in East London using the very best in classic valve compressors and high-end microphones.

Steal the City

So, The Thing Is” takes Steal The City’s trademark Rise Against melodic punk melodies and interlaces them with a modern nu-metal sound which wouldn’t be out of place on a Papa Roach LP or as a future WWE theme.

Opening with a passionate vocal, foot-down bass drum and guitar stabs; “So, The Thing Is” unleashes into an anti-love break-up anthem for the masses. “So, The Thing Is explains the story of a personal struggle in a controlling relationship. We’re here to tell you that you’re not alone!” says lead vocalist and bass player Sam Bantock, “We feel it’s the most diverse song we’ve written so far.

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