No Sunlight unveil “It’s Always Been You” single details!

No Sunlight are an Alternative / Post Hardcore band from Manchester, UK. The bands musical style involves fast and heavy guitar riffs with melodic and catchy vocal melodies. Influences include the likes of Thrice, Royal Blood, Jimmy Eat World, Brand New and Alkaline trio.

No Sunlight

We’re now introducing you to the band’s single “It’s Always Been You”. This song is indeed taken from the band’s latest EP “You Can’t Take a Picture of This, it’s Already Gone”, available since February 2018.

The song itself is about the toxicity that can develop and take over within a relationship but still carrying on with it and being stuck in it, even though you know it’s not good for you.

When writing the song we were aware we wanted it to be an emotive and melodic track, especially with the subject of the song, but it kind of took on it’s own form and snowballed into what it is now. Myself and the lead vocalist (who is also my younger brother) had expermented with overlapping vocals on previous tracks but went for it a bit more with this one, especially in the middle 8 of the song with the aim of getting a lot of emotion and energy to power through,” reveals No Sunlights’ guitarist Chris.

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