[PREMIERE] Tiny Kingdoms unveil “Realms” EP!

Chicago buds Tiny Kingdoms are making us the pleasure to premiere, in exclusivity, their latest release,  titled “Realms”.

Tiny Kingdoms

Similar to the vein of Fall Out Boy, The Dangerous Summer, I, The Mighty, Fireworks and Fossil Youth, Tiny Kingdoms are making waves with their new tunes.

About this EP, the band reveals: “We spent a lot of time on all of these songs, the writing process itself took up the better part of 2017. It was a very group oriented process. The songs usually developed from little riffs or rhythm ideas that one of us would have, and then we would all sit down and work out the rest of the song.

This EP indeed offers a range of varied musical varieties within the 6 songs, so I am therefore convinced that it will please everyone!

We really just hope everyone enjoys the rollercoaster that this EP is! There’s a lot of ups and downs presented though the lyrical contents that will take listeners on a memorial ride. We also just hope that anyone that hears this can appreciate the wide range of sounds that are conveyed from each song to the next. We put everything emotionally that we could into these songs, and we just really hope that it shines though to everyone that listens,” explain the guys.

Gritty, catchy and full of charm coupled with guitar breaks and melodies. Realms is not to be missed as a new, modern pop punk classic. Check it out and tell us what you think!

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