Introducing the punk rockers Latte+ !

Hey everyone, I’m back this week with a brand new interview with the punk rock band LATTE+. Never heard of them? Well now’s your chance! Thanks to Chicco, learn more about the band, as well as their upcoming projects below!

Latte +

Hello Chicco. Thanks so much for taking time to do a little interview with me! For those who still don’t know your band, could you please present it to WHTYB’s readers? Hey guys! We are an italian band from Empoli, a small city nearby Florence. A punk rock trio formed in 1997.

You’ve recently joined the record label No Affiliation Records, as well as the German booking agency, Subkultura Booking. How much do you think your band is going to evolve thanks to these two agencies? A lot I hope! No Affiliation Records is a new born label from Phoenix, Arizona. These guys are doing very well running the label as a family. Our new album will be released in a couple of months and will be our first full length in the States. We are excited you know! Subkultura Booking is great as well, they are planning our next german tour. We will be there in May and we’ll play in some cool festivals and venues. All great guys to work with!

It’s not always easy but as a band, you sometimes have to face obstacles. Your bass player Leo had to unfortunately leave Latte+. Have you already found a replacement? How much do you think his departure will affect the band in general? Leo has left the band for personal reasons. I’m still receveing messages from people who ask the reason why but I really don’t know much more than this. He said just personal stuff and it was very unexpected. But we don’t give up so easily and we already found our new bass player, his name is Jay and he’s doing very well from the first day. We go on!

Concerning your projects as a band, you also plan on releasing your first ever full vinyl for 2018. Can you tell us more about it? I’m a big fan of 2.0, but when it comes to music, I prefer having a CD or vinyl in hand. I indeed think it’s a great idea! We are all vinyl addicts so you can see that we are so excited about this release, for many reasons. Will be our first vinyl album and the first released in US. 17 songs taken from our last two albums,  “No More Than Three Chords” (2014) and”Stitches” (2017) with a very cool cover from a great designer. Can’t wait to handle it!

You also stated that we can expect some tours and new releases real soon. Can you tell us when and what we can exactly expect? As you must imagine, we’re really curious here, at WHTYB! Sure, we’ll tour Germany and Holland in May, and then UK in July. Will be our first time in the UK! We’ll back in studio late this year to record a dozen of new songs then we will see how to release them, may a new album or some 7”s. Don’t know yet. We never stop, we live for music. Hope one day to tour in the States as well, we have so many fans there.

Last word for your fans? Guys, while you are waiting to see us on stage please visit our Bandcamp if you want to listen some songs and our Facebook page to be always updated, thanks a lot! Thank you guys for this chance, you are a cool webzine!

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