Learn the story behind Looseville’s single “Dagger”!

Founded in 2013, Looseville is a four-piece punk rock band from Helsinki, Finland. The band fuses a robust punk sound with some colorful melodies and guitar parts. The band’s debut EP “Fallout” was released on December 2017.


Today, we’re introducing you to the band’s opening track “Dagger”, taken from this first release. About this song, the band reveals:

The opening track of our debut EP, Dagger is an explosive rocker full of drive and tension. As soon as the demo of the song was coming together, we wanted to tell a story about this rebel character no-one can’t really contain. Felt exciting to mix a high octane punk rock sound with some dramatic lyrics and confrontation. There’s beauty and there’s danger – that’s what Dagger is all about. We are really proud of it and definitely our favorite one to play.

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