Downtown City Radio – “Real American” (Review)

Today, I’m introducing you to the pop-punkers Downtown City Radio. They are, according to me, an amazing up and coming band that you really need to check out. I also took time to review their latest EP “Real American”, check it out below!

Downtown City Radio.jpg

Opening track “Sad Endings!” is actually quite surprising. With this intro, you actually think that you’re going to hear a quiet track but no, the song is getting more and more powerful after 20 secs. This is the type of opening tracks that makes you think “Okay, this one definitely sets the tone of the EP, I can’t wait to hear the following tracks!”.

Following is “Alicia”, which is actually my favorite track on this EP. I don’t know if it’s because I was listening to them earlier today but this song has some parts, such as the first part of the chorus, “T-shirt and jeans, Modern art hangs”, that made me think of We The Kings. Is that a good thing? Totally! The instrumental parts of this song are indeed really catchy and if they don’t make you shake your head throughout the whole song, then we can’t do anything for you anymore haha.

Passionfruit” is much more powerful and I love it! You can indeed feel the energy the band has put into this song while listening to it, which is an amazing feeling! I’m also really surprised, in a good way, by the band’s impressive vocals. If you’re looking for catchy choruses, then this track is definitely made for you!

Last but not least, the closing track “21st St” offers awesome pop-punk riffs and this is why it’s exactly the type of song I can listen to for hours, without getting tired of it! This track seems clearly very promising live, and this is why you have to check it out!

Real American” is an EP that indeed shows a lot of promises and if the next one carries this on, they’ll be huge! Don’t waste time and go listen to this great discovery HERE!

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