Introducing John Ferry and his single “Fun”!

John Ferry is an acoustic rock singer and songwriter from New Jersey. He recently dropped a single named “Fun”, from his debut EP “The Green EP”.

John Ferry

About this song, John explains: “The song centers around a piece of advice my dad gave me when I was younger: “If you’re not having any fun, it’s your own fault.”

I wrote this song to express how those words of wisdom influenced me throughout my life, whether it was mowing the lawn as a young kid, or trying to get my life together in business school and in music. I love my dad and the guidance he gives me, so I thought a song was the least I could do for him.

As a huge fan of all the bands that have influenced John over the years, I think that offering acoustic songs allow him to stand out. Generally, I mostly like punk rock songs, with heavy and catchy guitar riffs, but I also need quieter songs. Thank you for this discovery, John! Can’t wait to hear your upcoming music.

What Happened to your Band?

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