Boston pop punks Wave Break drop single “Plaster City”!

Boston pop punk band Wave Break are back with their second single “Plaster City,” an anthemic track written by lead vocalist Kelly Barber, out now.

Wave Break

Highly reminiscent of Riot!-era Paramore, Wave Break blends early 2000’s pop punk elements with alternative cues to take on an energetic persona. Although just their second single and having only played shows in the Boston area thus far, the project was developed from Barber’s long-term past solo career, placing the band on an experienced playing ground.

Deadlock,” their debut track, officially put Wave Break on the map after having done underground work since Spring 2017. Although no official release timeline has been announced, Wave Break has hinted at the release of an upcoming Spring EP. You can now stream their new single HERE!

About “Plaster City,” the band states: “Plaster City is an upbeat anthem about standing up to those who try to tear you down. It’s a metaphor for a state of mind that’s incredibly difficult, if at all possible, to get out of. This song is by far the most aggressive one on our upcoming EP.”

The band will also release a music video for this song and a full EP in the spring. Stay tuned!

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