Story Untold unveil debut album ‘Waves’

I waited until I finally received my bundle to post this article here. On February 2nd, the band Story Untold has released its debut album “Waves“ via Hopeless Records.

Story Untold

Story Untold is a band I’ve been supporting from the very beginning. Even when they were unsigned and were called “Amasic“, I was a huge fan. They must be tired of hearing people refering to their first band “Amasic“, but I think that it’s great to see that people have been supporting them since Janick was debuted on his YouTube channel. I’m kinda proud I have bought all their merch, from Amasic, until now, to keep their music, stickers, tank tops and t-shirts by my side for a very long time.

If you’re into pop punk, then you’ll definitely love this album! If I had to pick one track, I’d highlight “Dreams That We Don’t Share‘ because of the instrumental parts. For me, it’s very complicated to explain why I like an album. I just do. When I heard the first singles “Delete“, “Drown In My Mind“ and “All The Same“, I immediately knew that I was going to love this debut record. And I didn’t wait a single day before pre-ordering it.

Some will say that I support them because they have signed with Hopeless Records, but no, I don’t care. Although it’s absolutely great for them, it doesn’t change anything for me. Story Untold is, and will remain a band that I will support in the long term, and probably the only one for which I will buy absolutely all the available merch (true story).

Story Untold Bundle

I invite you now to discover their first album “Waves“. The first of, I hope, a long series! Thank you for your music, Story Untold. You’ve no idea how much it has helped me during all those years. Keep up the amazing work!

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