Get to know the French pop rocker Manukeen

I always enjoy interviewing new bands and new solo artists. Today, I’m introducing you to Manu, better known as Manukeen. Learn more about his latest single “Shining Star”, as well as his album “Modern Day Hero” below! Thanks for your time, Manu!


Hello Manu, thanks for taking time to answer our questions! Could you please introduce your band “Manukeen” to our readers? How did it get started? Hello Valentine! My pleasure! Actually, Manukeen is not a band. Although I work with so good musicians for records and stages, Manukeen is my artist name and I play Alternative Rock.

I started in 2012 with an EP called “French is Dead”, because I’m a Frenchman singing in English, so I found that funny! :). Then I wrote and produced my first album “All the Colours Of Rock”, wich was released in 2013. I was lucky to quickly find so many fans who supported my music, and allowed me to produce 2 more albums, thanks to crowdfunding. (2015 : Love & Fight / 2017 : Modern Day Hero)

Could you please introduce your new single “Shining Star” to our readers? This is  a song from my new album “Modern Day hero”. This is a Rock Opera, you know, telling us the story of Evan, a young man who’s totally lost between his passion for art and music, odd jobs killing him, an overbearing and intrusive mother, an unstable girlfriend, and all the negative, toxic people around him. 

In this “Shining Star” video, I play Evan’s role in a fantastic universe, this is the first chapter of this album. Then, you can follow Evan through other videos (New Life) in other and completely different universes, like Highschool for example. With this new album, I wanted to challenge the limits of my musical and cinematographic creation.

How was the recording process? It was a great pleasure but also a long and hard working time with my team. We recorded the songs in a studio in France with the sound engineer Rom Tomcat, then had them mastered in United States by Nathan Hammiel.

This song is taken from your album “Modern Day Hero”. Who were your main influences for this record? I like a lot of music styles but the music I love to create is essentially alternative rock. I also like to create good melodies in order to sing them as easily in acoustics as in electric. Those who gave me a lot of energy and inspiration are artists like Thirty Seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance, Muse, Sum 41, Blink 182, Green Day, Linkin Park or the timeless and huge Queen.

Which of the new songs were you most excited for people to hear? Any particular reason? In fact it’s an entire concept album, but all the songs are different and powerful in their own rock style way. Suddenly, I feel like each song will be a new excitement, a new passion, a new way to surprise through live performances and videos. I feel it so much I wish I could release each song in single version!

You’ve been in the music industry for a few years now. How do you feel like your sound has evolved over the years? Are you happy with the way both your fans and the media respond to your releases? Of course, to have media appreciating my work is great but to have the audience still here, more and more numerous to support my music, that is really incredible! (smile)

Deep question for the last one: If not music, what would you guys be doing? I would probably be a guy like Evan in the beginning of the “Modern Day Hero” story: a young and completely tortured office worker. “Oh no please, don’t do that to me anymore…” (laughs).

Seriously , there is no wrong job except this one you don’t like to do. So, my music is my job, my passion, every day, I’m very lucky so thanks to all people who support my music, you’re great!

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