Skull Soda talk about their 3-track EP ‘Sleep Hunt Through the Mirror’!

I got the chance to sit down with the French rock band Skull Soda. Antoine, vocalist of the band, presents you in particular the new EP of the band, as well as the process of financing and recording, that has attracted the interest of many Internet users!

Skull Soda

Hello Antoine. Thank you so much for your time! Could you please introduce yourself, as well as your band ‘Skull Soda’ to our readers? I am a singer and a guitar player. SS was born from the ashes of Under My Blanket, our previous band with Simon (guitar) and mathieu (drums). Fabulle joind us on the bass and the band was born in 2006. We play power rock, influenced by groups we were into when we started (blink 182, Sum 41, Offspring…) and more recent pop-punk and hardcore bands.

You just released your 3-track EP ‘Sleep Hunt Through the Mirror’. Can you tell us more about it? What kind of songs can we expect on this release? The main goal of this EP is to be back on tracks, after several months locked in our rehearsal room. After Wood and Tales went out, we became a practice band and our stillness freaked us out. So we took things in hand to create something new about the band, cohesion and hit the road to defend the fruit of our labor. We picked up three songs among our last compositions which seemed good enough to be recorded. Then, it seemed obvious to us not to release a physical record: taking into account how the musical world works today, we favored the digital media to spread our music.

The songs are the following:
Mesnie Hellequin”, a song describing the Wild Hunt, a European legend linked with natural events (storm, hurricanes) showing ghost-like spirits.
Weak Hand” is a personification of the days of the week. It is about life and death.
Doppelgänger” finally, deals with the duality of the human being.

In general, profound topics tackled in a poetic way.

You indeed launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the production of this EP. Why did you pick this method and, above all, what does it mean to know that so many people support your band? Crowd-funding became obvious to us after a financial report, ahah. We wanted to offer some quality sound and merchandising but we were broke. It was the most effective way. And we liked the relationship induced by this system with the people who get involved: it creates a link that we needed to reactivate. The campaign was a success, with 1800€ collected on the 1500€ needed. We were moved and that motivated us so much! Thank to this, we could afford a studio with a sound engineer (we had neither skills nor equipment, it was compulsory), print four-color t-shirts, quality prints for each song, etc.

From all the songs on this EP, is there one you’re especially proud of? If yes, which one is it and what does it represent to you, personally? I appreciate them all, but if I had to choose only one, I’d say Weak Hand: This song is a relative risk-taking for us, either for the composition or the arrangements. Moreover, our friend Bera (from the band Fanel) delighted us by singing on it, which makes it even more special to us.

I know that there’s a lot of pop punk, punk rock bands here in France. What do you think sets you apart from them? Do you feel like you’re in competition with all these bands or are you, on contrary, like a huge family supporting each other? Maybe what makes us different is our music after all: We are not 100% punk-rock or pop-punk, that’s why I put us in the category “power-rock” at the beginning of this interview. It seems to me that it’s the best term, but I may be wrong. Anyway, we don’t feel any competition between us and other bands to answer your second question. On the other hand talking about a huge family seems too much, I don’t think it’s that black and white.

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