Meet the Italian punk rockers 7th Break!

I’m back this week with a brand new interview. I indeed had the chance to talk to the Italian punk rockers 7th Break, and especially about the band’s latest releases!

7th Break

Hello 7th Break, thanks for getting in touch. Could you please tell us who’s in your band and about how your band first formed? Hello everyone, thanks for having us! Absolutely! First of all, this is Lorenzo writing, I am the singer, guitar player and original founder of the band. I formed this band in my teenage years (I’m 26 now) and I went through different formations and band members in the process of learning what the band was and what I really wanted to do. I can safely say that 7th Break came to be in its final form 2 years ago and that’s when the 3 of us got together. My partners in crime are Francesco on the drums and Fred on bass guitar and backing vocals.

Was there a particular band, artist or concert that inspired you to start 7th Break? Not really, what ignited the spark was a movie! School of Rock, which is still one of my favorite movies. I was playing clarinet and saxophone at the time but when I saw Jack Black rocking out like crazy I was like “fuck, that’s what I wanna do!” so I started taking guitar lessons and immediately started writing my own music.

My all time favorite band has always been Blink 182 so there’s a lot of that in what we do, even if not really. We have kind of a darker side compared to them, probably that’s because of what we write about.

Can we talk about your music video for single ‘Sobering Miles Home’? It was indeed released two months ago. How was the shooting experience? Any funny story to share with our readers? Ahahaha sure! That’s one of the silliest thing we’ve ever done and I really like how it came out. And it’s funny because the song is actually really deep and “serious”, kinda dark at moment. It talks about a relationship I had, where I was trying to “save” this girl from the problems she had, which were like huge monsters that casted a shadow all over her life, she was like trapped, so I was like, “how can I get this idea on video”.

I immediately thought about Super Mario and how he tries to save his princess from the guy who kidnapped here, so that was the idea but we tried to make it super funny! And it really was, it was hilarious to see the look on people faces! The funnies part is when I bought bananas at the grocery store dressed as if I was riding a gorilla. The cashier was super embarrassed and didn’t really understand what was going on.

This song is taken from your album ‘Patches and Holes’. Would you say that this was THE track that best represented the spirit of your record? If not, which song on this album is your favorite one so far? Hard question! I would say kinda, but not completely. Picking a song out of your own record is like picking your favorite son (not that I have any), you just can’t. I like different songs for different reason. I love Brand New Sun, because it’s so inspiring and epic, I love Revenge because it’s powerful and full of anger, I love The Kingdom because it’s one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written, I love Chasing Lights, which is the song we did with Scott Russo, singer of legendary Californian band Unwritten Law. They all add up to what I think is the best music I’ve written so far. And most of all, it defines very cleary what 7th Break is. We’re not mimicking anyone here, that’s us.

You also toured in Eastern Europe with Slenders back in November. What’s your favorite or worst memory from this tour? Is there a city you especially loved visiting? Well, there’s so many!! We are now releasing the Tour Video Diary so people can check it out on our facebook page. I would say the best one is about a show we did in Braila, Romania. We got to the club, it was a really cool one but it was full of “old” people, like in their 50! We were thinking, “shit, they’re never gonna like us, old people don’t like loud music!”. Well, we couldn’t be more wrong! They went NUTS!! We we played the last song they all came on stage with us, all with they’re shirts off (a very kind lady also showed me her boobs) singing and cheering, it was one of the best shows of the tour, hands down! We really don’t have any bad memory. Just a bit on bad luck when we busted 2 tires in 2 days in a row but we were able to easily take care of that.

And in general what I loved was all the fun we had, playing shows every night for 20 days and we became really good friends with the guys in Slenders, we got along so well and we also visited them 3 weeks ago for a tour we did in Sardinia (where they’re from). It was all set up by ZB Booking, the agency of their singer Silvio.

Last but not least, how would you describe the Italian punk-rock scene? Small but caring. There are a lot of really awesome bands from where we’re from and that’s good because we try to support each other. It could definitely be better venue-wise, it’s kinda hard to get shows and get payed decent money. Unless you are a cover band, life’s really easy in that case lol!

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