These Five Years – How it’s Been (review)

Formed in late 2016, with members hailing from a variety of bands across England and Wales, These Five Years are a pop punk band based in Cardiff, South Wales. They put out their debut single, ‘Persistence’, in July 2017 and are releasing their debut EP ‘How it’s Been‘ in Jan 2018.

These Five Years

Wales has a long, rich history of brilliant rock bands. From the Manic Street Preachers to countless others, the land of my ancestors has had a significant impact on the rock scene as we know it. Included among the rock genres played there, punk rock has certainly had its hold on Cymru for some time.

Admittedly, however, bands from this scene have always had a bit of a niche following, like Yr Anhrefn who proudly sung mostly in Cymraeg in their early days or Brutality Will Prevail who belong to a long list of hardcore punk bands in Wales.

A form of punk that breaks these niche barriers is pop punk, and while Wales has pop punk bands (most notably Neck Deep), there is a need for more. This is what leads me to my review of These Five Years debut EP How It’s Been. The EP is well-produced, well-written, and ultimately a very polished example of what pop punk should sound like. There is the melodic power that one would expect on a great pop punk record, and an additional driving set of instrumentals that pump up the listener.

How It’s Been is a very strong showing from this new group, and I can only imagine that they will get even better in time. For Wales to have its own equivalent of a pop punk renaissance would be incredible, and it could all start here with more bands like These Five Years coming out of the woodwork. I wish these guys all the best. I have a feeling that they are really going somewhere.

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