Introducing the indie rock duo Shrines!

I got the chance to exchange with Shrines, the garage rock/indie duo from Leicester. Learn more about the band’s upcoming projects below!


Hi everyone, I’m Chris from indie rock band Shrines. Currently we are a two piece and consist of myself (guitar / vocals / primary songwriter) and Jon (bass / guitar / backing vocals… when I can talk him into it!).

How would you describe your band to someone who’s never heard you before?
Chris: I’d say we have a British garage rock influenced indie sound. We listen to a lot of 90’s britpop (such as oasis, the verve, blur) as well as 00’s British indie (like kaiser chiefs and milburn) so I reckon our music is influenced by that sort of sound.

Jon: Yeah definitely – we both love blues and 60’s British Invasion music too so there’s definitely traces of that there too.

You recently released ‘Glitz and the Glamour’, what’s it about?
Chris: I like to leave the meaning of the songs to the individuals interpretation but it was written about nights out in Leicester.

There always seems to be a girl who’ll flirt with lads and get them to buy her drinks so she can have a good time. The guy thinks he’s in there but most of the time he’s not. I think the term ‘Glitz and the Glamour’ refers to the girls ego and self-confidence in her actions. But that’s just my interpretation.

What kind of songs can we expect and when will they be available?
Jon: More of the same really, catchy indie music about living life as a young adult. The stuff we’ve recorded recently is a bit more mellow, not as in your face as much as Glitz but it shows a different side to what we do.

Chris: A lot of the writing at the minute is quite under the microscope on real life situations people land themselves in. Like Jon mentioned, the recent songs are perhaps more melancholy than Glitz but still as relevant and are very relatable. At least I think so!

What are your plans for 2018?
Jon: We’ve got a few gigs lined up such as Glastonbudget in May. We would both like to jam with more musicians also, so we can be a bigger part of the local music scene and help make our sound a bit bigger live as usually when we perform we play stripped back acoustic.

Chris: Yeah we would love to jam with other musicians and I would like to write with people too as I thoroughly enjoy the writing process and want to learn from other people also. I think the main thing is just getting out there; get more experience playing live, in the studio and really promoting our music as much as we can. Just getting better and improving.

Jon: We are also hoping to record maybe a single over Easter time or an EP over the summer.

Chris: Then its a way for us to monitor our progression as a band and provide music for the fans which is what we are passionate about.

Jon and Chris: We would both like to say thank you to ‘What happened to your band?’ for interviewing us and for your time that you’ve invested in us.

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