Learn more about Farewell in Vegas’ upcoming projects for 2018!

Since the beginning of the year, French pop rockers Farewell in Vegas are back with a new single named ‘Heartquake‘. This song also highlights a musical change for the band. Find out more in the following interview!

Farewell in Vegas

Hi guys. Could you please introduce yourselves, as well as your band ‘Farewell in Vegas’ to our readers? Hey guys, I’m Théo, guitar player for Farewell In Vegas! But I’m not alone, François is guitarist too, Jia is the singer from the band and Arno is our drummer. We’re a band from Northern France. Discover us through our EP “Serenades” and our single “Heartquake”, available since January the 6th on YouTube! 

It’s been quite funny to see people call yourself a rock band, then hardcore, then alternative… to finally come back to post-hardcore. Your first EP indeed contains various types of songs… how do YOU describe your music, after all? Our EP “Serenades” is something like alternative rock yes, we’re agree with that. Our next single will be more “pop & catchy”, we really don’t want to be consider like Hardcore band or Metalcore… Our next project will be made of music and melody that everyone love, it will be 2018’s music, you know!

2017 has been quite a year for your band, right? From the release of your debut music video ‘Bulma’, to the release of its single, and then, your debut EP ‘Serenades’, are you happy with the feedback you received so far from both your fans and the media? Yes of course! Thanks to everyone for this year! Thanks to our family, our team, our friends, our fans and company that help us like WHTYB!

I know that you are currently working on new materials that are quite different from what we were used to hear until now. Can you tell us what we can expect with your new sound? Thrill.

Apart from the new songs you are currently working on, what else can we expect from Farewell in Vegas for 2018? A tour, maybe? 2018 will be the tour’s year ahah, yes! We hope to see a lot of people on the road!

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