Introducing Tacoma Washington Weekday Club!

Hello WHTYB readers! I got the chance to sit down with Tacoma Washington Weekday Club. Learn more about the band in general, as well as their new EP below!


Hello Tacoma Washington Weekday Club. Hope you’re doing great! Could you please introduce your band to our readers? Hello earthlings! We’re Tacoma Washington Weekday Club! We’re a Shoegaze project from Waukesha, WI!

We consist of:
Logan Prevatt: Vocals / Guitar / Programming
Noah Turks: Vocals / Bass / Programming
Austin Mondloch: Guitar / Bass
Josh Turner: Drums / Keys

How did you put this band together? We started as a coffee house duo (Logan and Noah) in February of 2016. Playing all around Waukesha and Milwaukee. We soon realized that it was not quite what we wanted to do, so we started writing full band material. We started doing full band shows with Josh on drums, mostly in bars around Wisconsin. While doing that, we began writing our first album ‘All I Loved, I Loved Alone’. It took a year to write, record, and produce.

We worked with Ron Baake of Sub-T Studios. Played a sold out release show in our hometown, and then proceeded to capitalize on the momentum, by picking up our own radio show in Waukesha, snatching up our newest member Austin, and releasing a new EP this year!

You just dropped your new EP ‘The Torrent//The Fountain’. Can you tell us more about this release? What kind of songs can we expect on that one? As opposed to the last project, which was written mostly by Logan, this EP is more collaborative. Songs were written by all members of the band. We all wrote based on our own vision of the tracks and it came together surprisingly cohesively. It mixes Logan’s dark realism, with Noah’s conversational and more unorthodox style, with Austin’s jazz-y leads that float above the track, and with Josh’s gospel take on the drum kit. The songs come out as a kind of dark and rainy experimental style, due to the many influences.

How would you describe your song writing process for this EP? We began writing in April of 2017, and didn’t stop writing until probably July or August. We had all seven songs as ideas the whole time, we just didn’t know how to apply them to have the biggest impact. Noah was working at a Menards at the time, and spent a lot of his days analyzing the people he came in contact with, so he had a lot of interesting takes on the human experience as a whole. While Logan was going through some serious mental health issues, involving a lot of anxiety and depression.

Logan has said multiple times that during the course of writing, due to his anxiety, he would go to a happier place in his mind to calm him down, and that happier place was a memory of his grandmother’s house on a stormy day, where he was watching the storm roll in off the horizon, while the weather channel warned him to go to cover. And even though he knew it was dangerous, he felt safe in the house. Those two perspectives coming together really form the basis of what the EP feels like.

If you had to pick one track off this EP, which one would it be and why? 

Noah: If we were allowed to take only one song from this album, it would be “O’er” because it’s the first song we’ve recorded that has a piece written by Austin.

Logan: I would say Red Cliffs, I think it really hits on all the feelings and concepts of the album the best.

Austin: Mummudrai, because I love how the sound is unique, yet familiar.

Last but not least. Apart from the release of your new EP, any big plans for 2018? We’ve been tossing around the idea of a small collaborative EP with another band from Waukesha called Peacebone. We have some talks about possibly another collaboration with Edward Curran and Enterprise films. More episodes of our song-a-month project Creator’s Notes, And much more that we can’t talk about yet.

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