Introducing the pop punkers Everyone and Anyone!

Everyone And Anyone are a Pop Punk band from the North Wales area. I got the chance to talk to vocalist Rob about the band’s latest EP and upcoming projects for 2018!

Everyone and Anyone

Hello Rob. Could you please introduce yourself and your band to our readers? What are your roles in it? Rob: We’re Everyone and Anyone a pop punk band from North Wales UK and we consist of Rob on vocals, Gary on guitar and vocals, Scott on lead guitar, Aaron on bass and Mikey on drums.

You released your EP ‘A Page from a Journal’ in June 2017. Compared to your previous releases, how much would you say your music has evolved over the years? Rob: we did indeed! I think our sound has evolved in the sense that you can hear a few different influences in our newer stuff. Myself and Gary started the band in Gary’s bedroom just writing songs we’d wanna listen to so it was heavily influenced by things like Take This To Your Grave era Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory and Blink 182.

That was the main influence for our first EP and with this second one it’s more of the same but then there’s a few new elements. We’re listening to different bands personally and we worked with a different producer so that in turn had a big impact on how our second EP came out. You can tell it’s an E&A EP but there’s also some new stuff in there which is cool.

Let’s talk about your single ‘A Page from a Journal’. This must be your favorite track off of your EP, right? Is this the reason why you decide to name your EP after this single? Rob: When I suggested the name for the EP it wasn’t so much that it was my favourite track (I think the name for the EP came before the song if I remember correctly) it was more that I liked the idea of the EP lyrically being like a journal or diary as I was pulling influence from my day to day life when I was writing the lyrics for it. But yeah coincidentally it turns out that track is probably my favourite off the EP too either that one or Yearbook, I really like the way that song builds up towards the end.

I know that you play a lot of shows. Can you talk about the importance of playing live for you? Do you have any pre-show rituals? How would you describe the pop-punk music scene, in the UK? Rob: playing live for us is basically what it’s all about that’s the fun bit! I think it’s important to take your music to people too like there’s a lot of pop punk bands on Spotify or Apple Music or whatever so someone who’s into the genre might not necessarily get chance to check us out that way but if we’re on a show at their local venue and they enjoy us live they might then go home and check out our music. It’s also real cool to meet other bands we’ve made some real good friends over the years like the dudes in Bear Trap, This Time Last Year and Where There’s Life.

As for pre show rituals we were in our dressing room at Sheffield O2 Academy recently yelling Give It Up by K C and the Sunshine Band and we were like yo how sick would it be to walk on stage to this so I went to see the sound guy and got it all arranged so moving forward that is 100% gonna be the only way we’ll walk on stage with nothing but the good vibes! The music scene is pretty sick here to be fair we travel around a lot and everywhere you go in the country there seems to be people into pop punk which is awesome.

Everyone and Anyone Live

Any big plans or goals for 2018? If yes, can you tell us more about it? Rob: we’ve just finished the touring cycle for A Page From a Journal and we’ve been fortunate enough to be on some insane shows towards the end of 2017 in venues we never thought we’d get the chance to play so 2018 is gonna be all about stepping up and continuing to progress. We’re writing new music as we speak and guarantee it’ll be bigger and better than everything we’ve done before!

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