Learn the story behind Bad Buzz’ new song ‘Slipping Away’

Inspired by the sound of skate punk bands such as MillencolinNOFX, and Gob, the Toronto natives Bad Buzz came to life in the summer of 2014. Originally a 3 piece consisting of Ross Carvelli (guitars – vocals), Andrew Laurie (bass), and Tristan Loria (drums), the band added fourth member and second guitar player, Troy Fullerton in 2015.


Back in September 2017, Bad Buzz dropped a music video for single ‘Slipping Away‘. We got the chance to talk to guitarist Troy Fullerton, to learn the story behind this song.

We approached Shane Campbell to shoot and edit it. He’s a friend of ours and member of Toronto band Yuseddit Brothers, and he did an excellent job on a music video for his band a couple years ago. Because the song is all about reliving our glory days and feeling nostalgic about the good times we had in high school, we thought it’d be funny to set it in an old schoolyard and play some schoolyard games against each other.

As often happened, the ‘games’ got a little heated, and this culminated in a showdown with some good ol’ fashioned fisticuffs. The video is meant to be silly, but we hope it also sends people back to a positive time when there weren’t as many worries in life and what mattered most was having fun and hanging out with your friends, reveals guitarist Troy.

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