Learn the story behind Beachless’ new single!

Beachless is a punk, indie band from Hanover, Germany. The band consists of Andreas (Vocals & Guitar), Ruben (Guitar & Backing Vocals), Christian (Bass) and Jens (Drums).


The band just released their first music video for single “Happy”, taken from their EP “Pretend It’s Still the Same”. You can watch the video below!

As you may have noticed, the word “happy” is used in a more or less ironical sense. The song basically is about a person who doesn’t really know if what he/she does is right or wrong. I wrote this song when I moved from one city to another after I finished my studies. I had to leave behind some friends and didn’t have many social contacts in the new city: So I kind of felt a bit lost there. Also, I was indecisive if I should continue to have a long-distance relationship with a girl who lives in the city where I used to study.

During this time it seemed like I wasn’t making progress, which is why in the pre-chorus I sing: “I don’t know myself anymore, it’s like watching wet paint dry.” What people tend to do in these kind of situations is: They start to drink a lot, or get into one-night-stands like the guy in our music video, but it doesn’t make one really “happy” – it’s only superficial.

The thing is that you normally get to know more about yourself during this time. I think this is what a lot of people in their mid-20s experience. This positive aspect of finding yourself is mirrored in the end of the song, which is more up-beat and indeed “happy”, as you are more at ease with yourself once you finished this process.

Actually this is what everyone in our band more or less experienced, so we decided to make this song our single. Also we really liked the sound of it 🙂,” reveals vocalist Andreas.

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