Introducing the Italian punkers ForgetIt

Those who know me know that I am a big fan of the Italian punk scene. So naturally, today, I decided to introduce you to a new Italian pop punk band: ForgetIt.


Hello guys. Hope you’re doing great! Could you please introduce your band to our readers? Hello WHTYB! Hello readers! We are ForgetIt, a band formed by Livio, Matte, Kekko, Mery and Edo, five guys from Padua, the university-based city about 30 km from Venice, the most astonishing city in the world. We play pop-punk & pop-rock songs, trying to bring a fresh Italian sound to our music.

How did you put this band together? Me -Livio-, Mery (bass and voice) and Kevin (former drummer) had played together in a Green Day / Blink 182 cover band since high school. But in 2015, we decided to act as songwriters. Later that year, I heard Matte, who at the time was one of Mery’s classmates, playing keyboards and guitar. When we asked him to join the band, he said “my brother Kekko is pretty good at guitar!”: that’s how the band was born! The following year, Kevin had to leave the band; this led us to invite Edo, chemistry student from a town near Turin, to take the vacant seat at the drum throne. Well, I admit that our story looks like a family affair, but here in Italy, it works this way! Shared passions and strong fellowship are our secret formula to make good music.

Could you please tell us more about your debut album “Specie Minacciata”? How would you describe your song writing process for this new record? “Specie Minacciata” is our first EP. It took about one year to complete the songwriting process. We haven’t any label contract so we made it mainly for us and for our fans, without any advice or pressure. Being calm and relaxed allow us to write and play what we like the most. We’re accustomed to write songs starting from bass or guitar ideas for the chorus, trying to give a bare-bones structure to the song.

When the instrumental parts are written, Livio put down the lyrics feeling the flow and the rhythm of the song. Although there are always background ideas about what to talk, the lines come following the music. Referring to “what to talk”, the title of the album is emblematic as it means “Threatened Species”. We feel the same as that species: young people, students, dreamers, in love with music, sports and pastimes with friends, threatened by the modern society and grown-up rules.

What about the recording process? Any funny story from the studio? The recording session took only a few months, because we came to the studio with a clear idea of what we wanted. During the recording, we were extremely focused on work and excited about the results, but we weren’t as funny as we usually are, owing to the concentration that this part of our “job” requires. The same cannot be said about the songwriting process: it’s a comedy show that revolves around the main character: Kekko. Here you are a taste of his gags.

– I was drunk when I’ve wrote that part- he sincerely told us after a party. He never remembers the titles of the songs (but that’s a shared problem)

– Is that “the new” song or “the newest” one? “The newest” one is “the more newest” one or “the less newest” one?

– Who starts to play? Right, right, now I’ve understood, it’s my turn… isn’t that part?” Of course, we must censor most of its words…

You’re singing in Italian in this record. Can you please tell us why you didn’t choose an English language so most people would eventually understand your lyrics? Was it because you mainly target Italian fans? Singing in Italian is a brave choice, as making pop-punk in English is simpler, but we want to be fully understood by our fans and to arrive right into their hearts. I think the dream of any singer would be hear people listening to your song saying: “these guys are talking about me!”. As an Italian-writing band is impressing that someone abroad could hear and be interested in our music! It’s a great result for us and we are so happy for having achieve it! In the future, we could think to do something in English, never say never…

Which of the new songs are you most excited for people to hear? Any particular reason? This question sounds like “do you prefer mom or dad?”. We hope people will fall in love with “Come un uragano”, have chills with “Impossibile” and party with “Dodomenica” and “Tossica”.  For us, every song has a good story behind, now it’s time for fans to make good stories from our songs.

What bands or artists are you into at the moment? Would you like to collaborate with any of them? We like a lot ROS and Cemetery Drive from our country and we hope to have a chance to play on the same stage with these bands one day. And well… In our dreams, we open concerts of All Time Low and Green Day!

And to finish… What’s up next for your band? We are working on brand new songs and we hope to play live the most we can! We hope to sign a good contract with a label and it would be a great experience going on tour in our country… And maybe some trips abroad!

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