Behind the Artwork: Mortuary (NTN album)

Formed in 1989, MORTUARY is one of the oldest metal bands in France. The band is composed of 5 members : Patrick (Vocals) – Jean Noël (Bass) – Alexis (Guitar) – Bastien (Guitar) and Yohann (Drums).


After six years of waiting, the band released a new album ‘Nothingless than Nothingness‘ in 2016, which was welcomed with open arms by their fans! Successful for many years, the band has achieved its consecration by performing for the first time at the HELLFEST Festival, in 2017!

The band is now back, since October 27th 2017, with a reissue of its latest album ‘Nothingless than Nothingness‘. Vocalist Patrick GERMONVILLE, explains, for the first time, the reasons that led the band to choose such a visual for the cover of this release!

Pochette Album

Why did you choose such a visual? We were looking for a cover that would represent the general idea of ​​the album, namely the fight against the disease that gnaws us. Not the illness that happens suddenly but the one that has been present in us for a long time. The illness that we have felt approaching, settling and against which we will fight.

The general idea of the songs ​​”U-man Slept, K-os Crawled”; “K” and “Kingdom”. This letter K is present in each of these titles because it is the abbreviation that is noted on medical records when the patient has cancer. This disease that lives and throbs in us. The one who shares our daily existence, invests every part of our body, a second carnal envelope in short, destructive. The one that mixes us with nothingness.

What does it represent for you? It simply represents the fight lost in advance against a power that cannot be mastered because it grew every day, as our body feeds it constantly. Hence this drawing in cold colors, where this woman is slowly absorbed by the contours and extremities of these limbs. We see through opening in the flesh such natural scarifications, palpitate the purple disease that consumes the body. 

If the drawing lived in time and had the power to evolve to the rhythm of history, one can easily imagine that at the end of the work; we would have a huge blue square animated with swollen movements still waving under the last jolts of the victim. It would no longer human form as suggested by the background of the drawing. The disease, unlike sudden or brutal death, often occurs at the end of a long process of destructive creation. She takes her time to create a perfect work, fatal and lethal.

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