The Amsterdam Red Light District drops single “Need”

Founded in 2005, The Amsterdam Red Light District (TARLD), is a French rock / hardcore band.


TARLD recently released a music video for single “Need, taken from the band’s forthcoming album, set to be released on March 1st 2018! The music video was also directed by my talented friend Leo Pia.

This song is one of our favorite songs on the album and we look forward to playing it on the upcoming tours to promote the new record!

The concept of this song is that we are surrounded by brands and their marketing strategy. It is just impossible to avoid it! Our computers are made to be useless after 6 or 7 years of using. 3 or 4 years for our cellphones.

Childrens are so happy to have their “happy meal” at McDonalds. This is actually hard for parents to know that they will make their childs crying when they refuse to go there. It’s “sad” to see that people goes totally frenetic for buying things they do not really need. They just want the brand new thing, to be in-vogue”, reveals the band.

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