Pop punkers Hillwood are more than ready to drop debut EP!

Taking influence from the golden era of pop punk, Hillwood combine the spirit and fervour of punk rock with undeniable instrumental and vocal melodies. A twin guitar attack and pile-driving drumming form the bedrock of their songs, with hooks which will stay with you for days.


Back in May 2016, we decided as many people do, we were going to start a band. No strangers to being in bands and having a large back catalogue of mostly small local bands between us, we were set!”, reveals Chris.

On December 23rd 2017, the band will release their debut EP “Past Lives” on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and most other major online platforms!

After only a few short months, in August we entered the studio with Timfy James (Hacktivist/Old School Studios) and got to work. After over a year of hard work, we’re finally ready to drop this and with a nostalgic sound comparable to the likes of New Found Glory, Pennywise and Sum 41, whilst adding our own modern touch, “Past Lives” is hard hitting, fast paced and catchy as hell. It’s been one hell of a journey just to get this out there but we’re so excited for the release and we’re pretty sure you’re going to love it,” explains Chris.

While waiting for their debut EP to be released, you can now hear a preview of what’s waiting for you 🙂 December 23rd, save the date!

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