Stream now Among Legends’ new EP!

Firing on all cylinders with a genuine desire to change how pop-punk is viewed in the eyes of the public, Among Legends brings a new sound and a new, more positive message to the table.

Among Legends

Since 2016, Among Legends has become known for a strong work ethic, an eletrifying live show, and catchy, powerful songwriting. With a clear vision and the drive to get there, the band creates music with singalong choruses, lyrics about finding inspiration and overcoming life’s struggles, and blazing instrumentation. It’s pop-punk for fans who don’t want to be sad anymore.

The band released on December 7th 2017 their brand new EP named ‘Some Days‘, that you can now stream on your favourite music platform.

Each song on Some Days falls within the pop punk genre, but to varying degrees of “pop” vs. “punk”. Sit Back And Wait is a more punk-oriented song, My Heart’s At Home leans more to the pop side, and February 1st lands between them with a mixture of punk rock intensity and pop-influenced catchiness.

This EP is a big step forward in capturing the energy and emotion of our live show and putting it into a recording. The vocals are more powerful, the instruments are more technical, and the songs themselves are written to be exciting on your headphones as well as on stage. Our previous EP, Starting Over, was a focused effort to hone in on our sound, and Some Days is an extrapolation from there – now that we know how to get the sound we’re envisioning, how do we make it unique across multiple releases?”, explains vocalist Mitchell.

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