Band of the week 24: Bedroom Talk

Introducing our Band of the Week #24: Pop punk band Bedroom Talk!

Bedroom Talk

Who are they?
Bedroom Talk is a Canadian Pop Punk / Emo band from Vancouver B.C, which consists of Tyler Zanon and Cody Muraro.

Learn more about their ucpoming album!
The band’s upcoming album, titled ‘Letters To Our Former Selves’, is set to be released soon, and I’m really, really excited to finally hear it!

“For the record as a whole, we wanted to capture our own take on feelings of existential dread and those hardships that are unavoidable from the human condition”explains Tyler.

Focus on their single ‘Worried’
Bedroom Talk is exactly the type of bands I love listening to all day long. The screaming parts during the chorus of ‘Worried‘ are extremely catchy and will make you want to jump up throughout the whole song.

Worried to me is song reflecting some very personal issues I have endured with most of my life. Touching on topics such as server anxiety, depression, and all internal conflict I have with who I am as a person.

Cody and I share a lot of similar writing traits on topics such as these. So when we finally sat down with the song, it went over quite well on combining our lyrics we had written separately from each other. Was super easy to piece it all together to make it work and fit! That’s sort of how it’s been going as far as writing lyrics for the band”, reveals Tyler.

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